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Kid-Friendly eateries and restaurants in New York City aka CIAO BAMBINO

According to New York Magazine, Mommypoppins.com, timeout.com,newyork.com, nymag.com and many many more- they all have their list of best kid and family friendly eateries in New York.  Thats great, BUT

Me as probably the most comfortable person in the world- have not got the time to sort them all out, search for websites( which many of them to my suprise don’t have?! ) and honestly- the world is moving into Facebook anyways, so pretty much if you’re not on facebook you do not excist. As a business. People hang out in Facebook pretty much the same amount of time they hang on their phone- which is always on with notifications and search engines and for me facebook is somewhat better platform than Google with its potential. Especially when it comes to searching for information- FAST.

So, that said, I decided to make couple or so platforms for kid-friendly eateries in Estonia, Tallinn and now in NYC as well.

While out and about in NYC, Tallinn OR Estonia– give us information on some of your goodie experiences. Or not so goodie experiences.

Sharing is Caring,